Witnessing things for your pleasure

The daily thoughts, observations, impressions and experiences of a Brighton-dwelling 23 year old creative type feeling stuck and in need of change. I’m Ellen, I have vowed to blog every day for a year commencing on January 9th 2013, and this is my virtual home. Here you’ll find reviews of all things artsy, comments on general life and general musings. I have a multitude of opinions on most things and some of these I’m sure you won’t agree with. But I share them here, because it’s nice to share.

Some things I enjoy are:

theatre; novels; cinema; stories of any variety; beautiful images, real or fictional; gnomes and cake.

I hope that some of what I say might make you happy, or at the very least inspire a smile to creep across your face. But what I really hope is that it might inspire a thought or two.

If you have a thought please feel free to tell me about it in a comment and if you like what I write you might also want to check out some other places in cyberspace that I like to reside. I write features for the brilliant A Younger Theatre and OneStopArts.

I also write plays and screenplays, direct for theatre and am Artistic Director of Witness Theatre.

Thanks for visiting, take your time to have a browse and please do call again!



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