Serious enough to study?

Just a note on a thought that’s just popped into my head and is now niggling and won’t go away. I suppose it less popped in than has been brewing somewhere in the recesses of my mind for a while and has only now come to full fruition.

Pottering running through imaginary scenarios in my head as I spend probably too much of my time doing, I came across this scenario:

Esteemed director: “So Ellen why do you want to be a director?”

Esteemed director looks imposing but interested, Ellen gives impressive answer (this is a fantasy remember so my answer is allowed to be impressive)

Esteemed director: ” I see, but you didn’t think it worth your while doing a course of study in directing?”

Big red light flashes and Ellen is ejected from potential position in rehearsal studio.

Following a course of study in something shows you are interested in that area, it shows you are willing to dedicate the time to seriously learning this craft. Trouble is, this kind of seriousness these days means serious money so in effect what often becomes the case is those who can afford to do an MA in directing or a year-long unpaid assistant directing programme will get the gig over those who can’t because they seem more dedicated. (of course this isn’t always the case, I know of people who have fought their way into such courses whether they have the money to support themselves or not).

I suppose fighting for your place in the training establishment shows even more seriousness. But what about working a full-time job, directing plays and getting any experience/minimal training you can in your highly limited spare time? What about the days where teaching yourself as you went along, learning on the job, and a real deep passion was all that it took?

What about the people who have to accept that things are too serious to study?


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