Re: Check your emails

In the news this morning I’ve seen two stories related to the role of technology in our lives. Apparently it’s very important in order to boost employability levels and in order to keep the country running along decent moral ground.

Schools apparently aren’t teaching ICT to an adequate standard, with large amounts of primary school teachers unable to teach their pupils how to use a spreadsheet. Thank god for that, I’ve just about managed to teach myself how to use a spreadsheet and would rather not be overtaken in this field by a bunch of nine year olds. Who, incidentally seem to be overtaking me in various other fields as I frequently see girls of this age wandering around wearing far more make up than me. Two boys who must have been about nine came into the jewellery shop in now work in the other day, one of them buying a necklace for his girlfriend for Christmas. His girlfriend.

As children seem to be getting older by the second, and the computer skills of the adults who teach them are not up to par, so the adults who somehow hold a lot of power in this country seem to be getting rather childlike.

Rupert Murdoch claims to not have read a crucial email sent in 2008 offering evidence that the hacking was not isolated to one ‘rogue trader’. He claims this despite the oh-so-easy-to-get proof that he did receive, and respond to, the email. Like the joke homework response of “the dog ate it” this is comical at best in its falsity.

If, however, Murdoch did indeed not read the email properly due to it being a Saturday then he really needs to learn some lessons about this technological age in which we live:

If an email sounds urgent, it probably is.

If you receive an email from a colleague on a Saturday it probably is urgent.

If that email furthermore involves a whole chain of emails sent to various people, it’s probably even more urgent.

Email providers now have a clever thing whereby a very important email can be flagged and labelled as such, this one probably was.

Finally, it really is inexcusable not to check and respond to emails at least once a day in this modern age where everyone has a Blackberry, iPhone or some other such smart device. So, unless you were stuck up a mountain in a cave with zero technology, you really don’t have a leg to stand on.


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