Down the rabbit hole


Banksy’s red carpet rats presenting an entrance into another world. 


I am a little later than usual publishing today’s post, but here it is nonetheless (I will not fall at the 6th hurdle of this year of daily blogging malarkey!) The reason for this delay is I have been travelling back from a weekend away. I have been in and around the outskirts of Oxford; I have been to a secret world hidden in the depths of a small village and been to seemingly innocuous places that have inspired great works of literature. Although can any part of Oxford really be described as innocuous?

Anyway, this trip has inspired lots of thoughts that I will share over the coming days but for today I will present you with a new year’s resolution better than any other silly one you could make. The resolution is simply to allow your eyes and mind to be open to the secret places all around us; to allow yourself to be receptive to the stories that are everywhere, and to be able to be transported for a moment from an everyday reality.

There are secret doors, passages, bizarre images and signs all over the place if you care to notice them. So why not, occasionally, look around you and let yourself at least take a peek down the rabbit hole? I promise it’ll make life so much more intriguing.


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