A writing tower

Today was a writing day, and I jokingly said to someone that I was retreating to my writing tower for the day. It hasn’t been a good writing day particularly as I try to puzzle out the next step of developing a draft for my play, but I have realised that I would really like a writing tower.

I imagine this writing tower to be very very tall, with a wonderful view – perhaps (if we’re getting fantastical about this) whatever view you most wanted to inspire your writing that day. It would be bare of any distractions unrelated to the writing you were doing, but full of all your inspirations for it. It would be a place free from the constraints of normal living tasks, and of normal time. A place where you could close the wrought iron door and write until the job was done.

Basically I think what I’m expressing is a desire for an office and no day job. Ho hum.


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