Working advice from Richard Branson

I aways enjoy finding out how other people work – pictures of writer’s desks, offices of creative people that sort of thing. So I was pretty pleased when LinkedIn sent me an email with links to their set of features entitled ‘where I work’.

I enjoyed browsing photos of the Huffington post editor’s office, but the most interesting thing I found (so far and I haven’t yet mined as deep into this well as I could) was Richard Branson’s ‘where I work’.

I’ve included a link here, and you should read it for yourself. But essentially Richard Branson works not locked away in an office tower ruling over his kingdom but surrounded by people. Always having someone to bounce the ideas off. What I particularly value is this quote from him:

 there is no real difference between work and play – it’s all living. So your workspace can simply be wherever you are, whatever you are doing.

Well put, Mr Branson. So if you’re in a pickle with something you’re working on, don’t lock yourself away to think about it more but go out and talk to others who may be able to provide some insight!


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