Being organised

If I were an item of stationary I’d be a Filofax; a big one with lots of compartments, lists and contact information. The question is, how would a Filofax fare in a battle to save the world? Possibly not very well, I fear having a super-duper contact list just wouldn’t cut it in the moment when fast action is needed. Even if there were super heroes on that list.

This hypothesising has all been created in order to pose the question, can excellent organisation save the day? When faced with the daunting prospect of too much to do all at the same time my survival instinct is to organise it all into folders, systems and lists. After this has been done the workload generally seems more manageable…until I realise I’ve wasted a whole day organising things.

The moral here, perhaps, is that effective organisation is good – it helps to compartmentalise tasks and form a workload into manageable chunks. At the end of the day, however, the best solution is probably to just get on with it.


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