Don’t worry, be happy.

Sometimes there is too much in my brain, too much that I know I need to be doing and pushing forward with that I don’t know how to start chipping away at it. So much to be doing normally when I’ve just got through a load of lots to do. At times like this I wish I could just stop for a while, I’m sure we all want this at times. Feeling the longing for an off switch, the ability to recharge and be turned back on alive, fresh and able to tackle everything.

I’m not writing this to suggest that everyone takes time to just stop and relax because, although I know that this is beneficial, I actually rarely find myself able to do this. Not only due to the huge workload, but also to the fact that I generally can’t allow myself to do this. I don’t know where this has come from, maybe it’s something to do with the society we live in, the values we hold and also the work that I’m in.

Anyway, I advocate a change of mindset for myself and others. One that I suspect is more Eastern in origin than others, something along the ever so corny lines of ‘don’t worry, be happy’.


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