Questions are interesting things aren’t they? Defined by a punctuation mark that even in its physical make up speaks of the certainty and uncertainty inherent in this thing. A curve that leads, strongly, to a point. The puzzle ended by the definite answer. Questions beget answers, they require them to exist and yet sometimes they can be left lingering for years. Artists make their living from posing questions and not knowing the answers, so many times I have been given that advice – to not present answers but questions. Yet artists themselves so often have to know the answers to who they are and what it is they want when filling out things such as funding applications, creating business plans for companies and proposals for projects.

The question is a tricksy thing, and in many cases just to ask it is enough. Other times an answer is vital for doing that thing called moving on, but sometimes the best way to find an answer is to wait for it to find you. Letting a question reside, unanswered and untroubled in your mind is often the only thing you can do until one day an answer just appears.


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