Job versus career

I remember asking my mum when I was younger why people kept going to jobs that they hated, why did they not just work hard to get a job that they really enjoyed? Answer: life is bloody hard and sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to, every day. Alternate answer: some people have no idea what it is they would actually enjoy doing, and don’t really have a huge desire to do anything other than make money.

I am one of those lucky people who knows exactly what it is they want to do, sure there may be pitfalls of surprising doubt and confusion along the way but  – generally speaking – I know what direction I want to take with my career. I also know that what I want is a career, not a job that merely pays the rent. At the moment the latter is what I have. I am stuck in trying to forge a career, slightly uncertain as to the next steps to take and how to work my way out of the job. What I have realised though is that I can’t give up, simply won’t. I am going to keep on battling to be able to eventually do the work that I love doing every single day, and to be able to offer something much more to society by doing it than I currently do.

If you are lucky enough to have a passion, an ambition and a dream hold onto it tight through the turmoil of trying to make it reality and never let go. One day job will be lost to career and your passion will become your work.

NB. This is all written in a spirit of general optimism and if this spirit sickens you please be heartened by the fact that it isn’t one I always uphold, I just think it’s one we should try to stick to whenever possible.


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