The age we live in (brief thoughts)

Have you ever thought about how crazy the times we live in would seem to somebody alive at the start of the century? Somebody, even, living in the 20s. The way we live has radically, dramatically, altered seeing a change in personal experiences of – and placement in – the world the likes of which haven’t been witnessed since the Enlightenment.

In a relatively short space of time we have gone to literally screening our lives. We engage indirectly, life is mediated and we place ourselves in virtual spaces. We can define the space we live in, even chose the world we live in to a certain extent and we can live our entire lives without ever speaking to a single person whilst still communicating if we so choose. Life is immediate yet inaccessible, it is fast-paced, disparate and fragmented.

To consider how we reached this point is interesting, possible to trace a timeline and yet challenging to consider the reason. To speculate what is next is hard, being in the middle of things is never the best position from which to view a trajectory. With such radical shifts taking place, however, it seems we can only be headed for something climactic to end this age, or to develop it further. Something to happen to change the course of our lives and enter us again into a new era.


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