The people we meet

What a strange little life it can be sometimes, and what unexpected but not unenjoyable situations we can find ourselves in. Never did I think I would be meeting somebody who goes by the name of LadyCuntLove let alone sat in Cunt Quarters enjoying a cup of tea, admiring the cunt artwork and discussing use of the cunt studio for rehearsals.

I will be using this space for rehearsals and supporting the local creative community by doing so. I will also most likely pop along to one of the regular Cunt circle sessions to engage more with the lovely LadyCuntLove and her friends. Because, why not hey? No, it isn’t something I ever ever expected to be doing but what’s the point in being an artist if you aren’t open and receptive to experiences? Living is all about experiencing, being an artist is about experiencing even more so and then transcribing those experiences. Plus, it is these kinds of meetings and engagements that keep creative communities thriving and open.


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