The work life work balance

I’ve never been able to juggle. I’ve tried several times and find I can manage to learn the technique using two balls, but when the third ball is added chaos rules. Perhaps this explains why I’m finding the juggling of a nearly full time job to pay the rent and live, a more than full time running a theatre company/writing/directing and having a life.

Last year I didn’t really have a life so much and juggling the two works was much easier, although just as stressful and not as much fun. This year I’m aiming for a better work/life balance but finding that this is quite challenging when you have three things to balance instead of two. It feels like one of them has to go, so here are the pros and cons of each one disappearing:

1. Work (for money). Pros – abundant. Plenty of time for getting all career-based work done to the best of my ability, and probably getting more opportunities for other work. Plus lots of time to enjoy doing things such as socialising, relaxing, going out to events, walking, running, eating, cooking, reading etc. Cons – absolutely zero money, wouldn’t be able to survive for very long. Probably about three months max.

2. Work (the career kind). Pros – more time for living. Cons – miserable due to not doing work I want to be doing and fulfilling my ambition/dreams, possibility of turning into one of those living for the weekend type people I dislike. (Actually, no, there’s no possibility of this ever happening but that’s probably because there’s no possibility of me ever giving up this kind of work).

3. Life (as in the social elements, not giving up living entirely as that has no pros whatsoever). Pros – Lots of time to do all work. Cons – Utterly miserable, probably would be more likely to consider giving up life entirely if this were the case.

So, there we go. A ridiculous set of pros and cons that indicate I could never give up my already minimal social life or the work I love (even if I frequently moan about it). Looks like I’ll have to quit the day job then or just get really good at juggling…

…I think I’d best get practising with those balls.


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