The new struggling artist

Recently I watched the pilot episode of the TV programme Girls. A number of people have recommended it to me, and I have to be honest I found it rather annoying. Now I know you can’t really judge a show on the pilot – if that’s something to go by then my beloved Sex and the City is also really annoying. So, yes, I should probably give Girls another try but before I do let me expand a little on what annoyed me.

Primarily it was the central character Hannah – a graduate who is trying (not very hard or seemingly at all) to write the next great American novel whilst getting regular hand outs from her parents. These financial contributions are, in fact, the only way she can live behind her sham of a struggling artist facade. The premise for the pilot, and so I presume the series, is this money gets cut off – mum and dad have had enough. Now Hannah has to be an actual struggling artist…

What irked me was her reliance on mum and dad and her righteousness in feeling this is exactly what she deserves. Whatever love. Grow up, get a job and actually try to write your novel instead of using being an artist as a way to get by not doing very much and being supported your whole life. I actually suspect this is the way we’re meant to feel and that this character warms on us as she grows into a better person, much like Rachel in Friends. 

However, this whole thing did sit very close to home with the situation I see people around me in. People who are trying to make it in the theatre industry whilst being financially supported all the way by mummy and daddy. People who then presume it is really easy to set up and run a theatre company because £3000 for them can come out  of nowhere…and now my tone has turned bitter and I don’t really like it. I’m not bitter, being able to get support is great. What I am wondering, however, is if this breed of well off ex-student has superseded the hardworking, struggling (and, yes, alcoholic) artist in being the one who makes it big. 

Actually I’m not wondering, I know. Being from  a moneyed back ground helps you get ahead in the arts. I guess it was the highlighting of this truth in Girls that annoyed me, but I would actually be interested to see where this character is taken.


One response to “The new struggling artist

  1. Give it another chance! The series is really quite funny and the characters develop a lot.

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