Directing the Bard

To clarify before I begin this isn’t a post about directing Shakespeare…well, it is, but it isn’t. By which I mean I have never directed a Shakespearian work, so if you’re expecting tips on how to do it you aren’t going to get any. You’re just going to get a comment about how I  would like to direct a work by Shakespeare but how I also don’t feel that I am ready yet. It seems to me that a director needs to be at a certain stage in their career, have reached a certain level of maturity, before they wrestle with the Bard.

*now pause for a moment to imagine a performance where the lights come up, the director walks on stage and begins to quite literally wrestle with a reincarnated Shakespeare*

Anyway, I suppose part of the reason for feeling this way is that Shakespeare’s works are full of so much of life that perhaps we believe we need to have lived so much of life in order to direct them. In which case it would be really interesting to direct the same play once at a young age and again at an older age. Or once every five years for the rest of your life, which is possibly some kind of Shakespeare torture but who knows…

Basically the fact that yesterday was both Shakespeare’s birth and death day (I know, who manages that?!) has prompted me to share with you the fact that I do one day intend to direct one of his works. Just not yet because I don’t know how I want to do it and I’m not ready…


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