Working on the edge

Today I experienced the worst technical rehearsal I have ever run. It was a shambles – cue worrying about the name of my company and my (barely existant) reputation as a director, not to mention about the state of the show. These, anyway, were the feelings abound during our allocated time in the Brighton Fringe venue this morning.

Skip forward a few hours and I’m in a rehearsal in a rehearsal room across Brighton, still concerned about many things, but past the point of ultimate worry. Despite all I feel okay – I think – we’ll see what I’m saying after opening night. There is still  huge mountain of work to climb, but we are now all (I believe) fuelled by the frantic fire of the desire to make a stand out show. Everyone knows this show can still be good and is determined to try their darndest to make it so. This, I’m afraid, is too often the state theatre makers seem to find themselves in. Does the fear of a deadline fuel us all in our creative energies? Is ours a profession that works best on the edge of success and failure at all times? Has anyone ever been involved in a show knowing for sure it’s going to go well? I suspect probably not.


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