Respect creativity

Many people who work in the creative industries are frustrated by the lack of respect their job earns them. This goes for people who do their work for money and those who don’t – perhaps not those at the height of their career but those somewhere on the middle level or just starting out. I mean, I doubt Danny Boyle suffers from this problem  – but then that’s what doing an Olympic Ceremony will do for your credentials. Who knows how he felt about the issue before that, or even how he feels now I (clearly) have no idea how Danny Boyle feels. 

Anyway what I’m saying is that people working in a creative field, be that as a creative or doing marketing/admin/accounts – whatever, deserve more respect than they often get. When you work in such a profession (particularly making work yourself) you cannot leave your work at home. Essentially you can go months without having a single day off. Your mind is constantly working on it even if you physically aren’t, and the workload often gets so much that you will be working until way past midnight. Other professions that require this much work – doctors, lawyers, emergency services etc – get a lot more respect than creatives. Although I am aware the level of respect for any number of other professions is also not as high as it should be. 

People, however, tend to think we creatives have an easy time of it. Well we don’t. Writing is hard, we don’t just sit around at home all day writing a masterpiece (or even a terrible piece) in a couple of hours whilst pissing around the rest of the time. Acting, as I’ve mentioned before, is hard; as is directing, producing, stage managing etc etc. We don’t save lives or enforce justice, but we create an extremely valuable part of our society that if it disappeared would, I’m sure, be missed. So, respect your local creatives please!


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