I have to limit my theatre visits, in fact I have been, it’s too expensive. Theatre is my expensive habit, we all have one although mine also happens to be what I want to for a living. It feels like I should go, I have to, so really somebody should provide me with a theatre tickets bursary. Yeah right, who – the government? Here you might interject, highlighting the fact that I can get £5 Entry pass tickets from the National Theatre and many other theatres in London do similarly great deals. This is true, many tickets are reasonably priced for those of us under 25 but the train tickets to get there aren’t.

Yes, yes I can get really cheap train travel between Brighton and London if I book many moons in advance but this requires clever planning and bargain hunting. So the outcome of all of this is that you get caught up in an endless trail of bargain hunting – even right down to things in everyday life, such as that well known game of tracing down the toilet roll offer.

Upshot is, our country is expensive. It is expensive to live and it only seems to be getting more so. This is  all just based upon my entirely limited, and not really suffering, frame of reference. It’s the only one I can speak of with much certainty though, so it’ll have to do.


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