If you don’t ask…

Apparently there are two sets of rules for most things in life, those for people who accept the rules and don’t ask for anything other than what they get and those for people who constantly ask for different. In school kids were always getting away with being cheeky and bending the rules because they somehow, with their cocky attitudes, managed to get the teachers on their sides. I never did this, I was much too afraid of the rules. What did I think they were going to do, bite me in the face? Probably.

Now I work in a shop and am constantly subjected to people thinking they can get whatever they want – return something when they aren’t really allowed to – just because they tread the line between asking and demanding it. Most of the time they can. I, again, have never been a person to do this; I was brought up as a ‘don’t complain about your food even if you don’t like it’ kind of girl. Now I am learning to complain about my food and ask for what I want…I’m not sure whether I like this or not.

Today, however, I have experience the two sets of rules universe not once but twice. Once in my favour and once to utterly piss me off. So, I am still cautious of entering this other dimension where rules are there to be broken and self-interest reigns supreme.


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