Too much choice?

We, in our society,  have so many options to chose from for absolutely everything. Clothing, food to eat, cleaning products, doctors, dentists, TV deals, Internet, phone…we are presented with a myriad of options not only for the smaller things in life, but the much larger ones too. Sometimes having so much to chose from is great, but other times it can cause you to sit perplexed getting more and more worked up as you struggle to choose between the green sock and the black one. Sometimes you do have to wonder if we’ve taken it too far, given ourselves too much to choose between and if life would be so much simpler if sometimes we just didn’t have to choose. That, of course, is treading the line towards living in a dictatorship which isn’t what we want at all. So maybe we should just learn to manage our options, and those who create the choices for us should understand when to stop…


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