Listen to yourself

There are times in life when all we need to do to get it right is to listen to ourselves. In some instances this means listening to what your body is saying – for example “I’m hungry” or “I don’t feel very well, please let me go to sleep”. In such instances we should respond to what our body wants. In other cases it may mean listening to what you really want whether that’s from a career or a love life perspective; this is harder and can take a number of unsuccessful attempts trying to tune in to the right frequency, one that phases out what other people want for you/expect of you or what you think you want for yourself. In yet other instances listening to yourself can literally mean taking the time to step back and listen to what you’re saying; maybe you’re fighting a fight that isn’t worth fighting, causing an argument for no real reason over a stupid thing. Maybe you’d think you were acting like a petulant child if you heard yourself – so sometimes you really do just need to listen to yourself.


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