Just like new

There’s a certain way of behaving around new things that’s different to how we will behave once we’ve become accustomed to something. Job, house, relationship, clothing, shoes, country – whatever it is if it’s new our behaviour and mentality will be significantly different. We tend to take more care, if I drop something on the counter in my new house I will instantly wipe it away to maintain that feeling of newness. Two months later I will probably wait to wipe it up a bit later, I will have become accustomed to it and it won’t be shiny and new anymore.

The feeling of becoming comfortable with this thing that was once new in your life is nice, it’s lovely to feel secure and at ease. However, sometimes I think it might be beneficial to bring back the ‘like new’ mentality. In a house, for example, this might give you the impetus to give it that full spring clean it needs. You will be less bored with your clothing, and may notice new things about places you regularly visit. Friends and partners may be treated with a new level of respect and everyone may be happier all round.


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