Stepping in the right direction?

I found this blog, it’s a new one on A Younger Theatre by actor Briony Rawle. In it she will be documenting her experience as an in and out of work actor. In her first blog I am surprised to read feelings similar to my own; feelings of returning to the starting point after working on a project that should be taking you further in the right direction. Briony is back at “Square One, What-Are-You-Doing-With-Your-Life Street, Little Hope, Bargain Huntshire” which is odd because I thought I was the only one who knew the way to these places…

I’m joking, I didn’t.  I know quite a lot of creative types often find themselves wandering these streets trying to feel alone (it aids the pitiful creative type look) but actually surrounded by others. Kicking the odd stone here and there to the tune of “I don’t know where I’m going”.

I, like actor Briony, have just finished a project and again feel like I’m back where I started. It seems I am stuck in a bizarre groundhog day battling to make work for a fringe festival, then starting at the same place next time round – as if the previous work didn’t happen. It’s a badge added to my sash but it doesn’t hold any worth. Or maybe it doesn’t at the moment, perhaps it’s like wine or cheese and will mature with age. I think that’s definitely it – well I have to hope anyway – suddenly all these repeat experiences of making work that should help me step up and move in the right direction will react at once, combine to make something ten times more potent and mature.

For the moment I’m pleased to see this state of being is one shared by other creatives, and am craving some wine and cheese. You should read Briony’s blog perhaps whilst nibbling some cheese and supping some wine.


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