Too much Twitter?

I like Twitter, I find it very useful as I’ve explained before. Often I think it’s a really great way of keeping in touch with the world in a way that interests you. I, for example, get pretty much all of my theatre news and information from Twitter. Sometimes though I feel I am spending all of my time on it and it drives me insane.

In my day job I update the social media accounts for the shop – a challenging thing to do that can mean I spend almost entire days staring at that Hootsuite screen. The urge to communicate, to spread what you have to say, to engage with others can often leave you at a complete loss feeling you possess no communication skills whatsoever. Plus the thing is Twitter isn’t, shouldn’t be, about people shouting about their own product. It only works when it is about communication, dialogue. Sometimes I wonder if we might be getting to the point where we’re feeling a constant need to communicate – due to all the resources we have to do it – and if this isn’t making us go about communicating in the wrong way?


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