Royal Court Open Court

Yesterday I mentioned this and promised to say more on it, and so here I am telling you more about the Royal Court’s Open Court season this summer. As you may or may not know this London mast head for new writing theatres is going through a change as it welcomes new Artistic Director Vicky Featherstone – leaving her previous post as Artistic Director of the National Theatre of Scotland.

As a new Artistic Director putting your stamp on a building you probably want to do something a little different, something refreshing to liven a place up again. This is what Featherstone seems to be doing with the Open Court season where she has handed over the figurative keys for the venue to the writers who have always been at its heart.  It’s a six week festival, 10 June – 20 July, of plays, ideas and events all chosen and suggested by a group of over 140 writers.

There are lots of talks and events happening in and around the building, but if you can’t make it there then there is also the wonderful Open Court Live that streams performances of their own work by writers; most recently was Molly Taylor’s Love Letters to the Public Transport System. I saw this show in Edinburgh and it’s lovely, heartwarming and brilliantly told. You can watch it on the Royal Court Live site and if you have an hour suggest you do.


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