The TEAM Makes a PLay

You should watch this. That’s all I really need to write. If you have any interest in theatre that is about something more than light entertainment, about more than the money it brings in and yet desperately about that at the same time  – then you should watch this. It’s the trailer for the documentary film entitled ‘The TEAM Makes a PLay’; a film made by Paulette Douglas, the director of The TEAM’s new play ‘Mission Drift’ currently playing the National Theatre Shed space. I’m going to see it tonight and I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks.

I wish I’d seen the film when it was screened and can only hope it will be screened online again or available to purchase. Even this trailer, through, pretty much encapsulates issues I’ve been talking about for the past few months. All the emotional, physical, financial, brilliant and painful issues that go into making a piece of theatre you really care about. Whilst you’re watching it also bear in mind this company have won an award every single time they’ve been to the Edinburgh Fringe – and they’re still in this position with these problems.



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