Finding confidence

I am increasingly aware that I really should be a more confident person – a thought that tends to make you obsess about your own confidence levels so much they begin to decrease rapidly as you fall into a spiral of too much self awareness. Either way, I am working on being one of those people who is totally assured of what they’re saying and being how and who they are. A few days ago I met a director who was so intimidatingly confident I pretty much lost the ability to speak and spent the time afterwards kicking myself for being such an idiot. She happens to be American, and Americans happen to be more confident I don’t know why.

In this profession it is of supreme importance to be confident, to know how to make others believe in your ideas and have faith in you. Funnily enough I can do this really well when it isn’t my own personal work being discussed. I think though, really, confidence is something you wear like a really hot dress that you know you look great in. It’s something you have to get practised at putting on every morning and not revealing to people that it isn’t your most natural state of being. Because, as far as I’m aware, anyone artistic tends to be a blend of extremely arrogant and extremely self deprecating – a blend that makes true confidence challenging.



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