Who are you?

I’m sure most people know this, but then maybe some don’t quite realise it as it’s something that only came to my mind recently. Who we are – or more correctly who we think we are – and how we think of ourselves is so much defined by other people and how they reflect us to ourselves. If someone spends all of their time telling you you’re worthless then no matter how strong you are, there will be some part of you that thinks this is true. You will have much lower self esteem because of this. If, on the other hand, someone spends their time telling you how fantastic you are and how much they love you, you are likely to be much more confident and happier with yourself.

Of course, it is more complex than that – some people who have many loving people around them still aren’t filled with much self worth. It’s worth thinking, though, about what kind of people you surround yourself with and how they make you feel about yourself. Even if they don’t do it directly, if somebody or a situation makes you feel bad and think bad things about who are then you should really get away.

The way other people define those around them is something we see all the time on stage – one of the best ways you can learn a character is by studying what is said about them. So perhaps we should take some time to study ourselves and see if we like what is said.


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