Stop moaning and focus on the positives

Recently I’ve found myself fed up of being surrounded by people moaning. To moan is something the English seem to be distinctly good at, along with turning a positive situation into a negative one. Why do we always feel we have to say something negative?

I annoy myself sometimes with moaning too much, and it’s something I’m trying to get rid of unless any of your moaning points are valid and will work to effect some sort of change to rectify the negative situation. There’s no point moaning if you aren’t planning on doing anything about it, or if you’re moaning to ask for help then just ask for help instead – it comes across better to the ear.

I know some people who seem to think it is necessary to answer every query of “how are you/ how was your day?” with a negation. “Yeah, I’m alright but…”. Why must something always be wrong, why is being content with the positive stuff in our lives not okay? I’m pretty sure it would be better for everyone if we focused more on the positives and less on complaining about the negatives.



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