Writing with theme

When setting about writing something new one of the hardest things is probably settling on your theme, or your message if that’s what you want to call it. Hard because it has to be something valid. Something that you really want to write about, not because it’s what you think people want to hear or it’s what people will enjoy reading or watching but because you want to write about it. Because it means something to you and you think it’s important, not necessarily politically important or a message that’s going to change the world, just something that you think is worth sharing.

Sometimes themes can get mixed up with each other, and so one piece of writing seems to be about numerous things. Although this can be fine, I  think it is important to separate out the driving force – the fire fuelling the writing if you want.

Some writers write initially from theme, concept and not character – letting the specifics of the work appear only after the general painting is complete. Others start with character and specific event and work outwards. In both instances I think it’s important to devote a lot of time to the exploration and discovery of theme.


One response to “Writing with theme

  1. True. Theme is probably one of the most important aspects of writing and probably one of the hardest to define throughout the entirety of a piece of writing.

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