Mastering the art of the day off

Days off can be tricky. So many of us find ourselves with so few of them it can become challenging to (I know it sounds crazy) appropriately schedule your time off. Conflicting interests of wanting to socialise, catch up on sleep, do nothing, go to the gym, cook nice food, do general chores of washing, cleaning, grocery shopping and more all come into play. Plus there are many of us with projects outside of work that need time devoted to them. With all of these desires battling it out to be fulfilled the day off can become a daunting thing.

At this point in time I actually don’t have any advice for mastering your days off, I’m still figuring it out myself. The only thing I’d suggest is that the best way to spend it probably isn’t sleeping all day – that will only leave you feeling a. annoyed you haven’t done anything and b. lacking in energy, unable to sleep at night and grouchy for the next day. When I figure out anything better than that, I’ll let you know.


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