Getting stuck

When you were at school, college and even University really and you felt stuck with something you always had someone to ask. Like if you were stuck on a maths problem because, quite frankly, fractions just boggled you (and still do by the way) you could stick your hand up in the air and somebody would be there to explain. Sometimes I wish I could stick my hand up in the air and say “I’m stuck with writing my play/running my theatre company/ putting my play on”. There are so many things I feel I can’t do at the moment because I simply just don’t know how.

When I think about it, though, I feel like this problem must all be in my mind. The things I’m stuck with now are problems that don’t have any set answer, they’re ones you can figure out an answer to yourself. Sure, it would be great to get some advice from an established playwright a “this is how I do things” chat – maybe even a few practical exercises to help get started, but the main figuring out of all these things is stuff that can (not always easily) be figured out by yourself.


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