Credit to the housewife

For some women to have a family and maintain a family home is what they want to do. Women who admit to this ambition (yes it is an ambition) are, generally, looked down upon when really they shouldn’t be. In the age of women’s liberation from the kitchen, wanting to live life in the house, bringing up children and making the home a nice place to be is considered a step backwards. Why have this desire when you can, on paper, have whatever career you want?

Well let me tell you this, I recently spent a day cooking and cleaning the house – not necessarily by design, just that was the day to get my errands done. I do, however, happen to enjoy cooking and (sparingly) cleaning. I had also been to a yoga class that morning and spent time preparing for my upcoming holiday. Mid afternoon and a blueberry pie down (baked not eaten) I was wiped out. This, my friends, was the feeling that prompted this post. Being a housewife is bloody hard, I wasn’t even doing the wife or mother part of it and I could totally see how it could be a full time job.

So let’s not five people with that ambition a hard time. Because, let’s be honest the world could do with a few people working hard to bring up children well and make homes homely. As long as they have a choice let them get on with it and be happy; it’s the choice part that is vitally important. Equally if a man wants to be a househusband we should totally support this; let’s have more househusbands please!


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