Worry dolls

Have you ever seen a worry doll? They’re really small, made of wood and a little bit scary looking whilst their purpose in life makes them comforting. Because the worry doll’s purpose is to be told your worries (by you, not some omniscient third party) and in the process lighten your own worry load. Unless their plan is to creep out from under your pillow (I think that’s where you’re meant to keep them) and bash you on the head with your worries during the night, and actually I think I manage to do that to myself sometimes, then they seem like a good idea. I spend far FAR too much of my life worrying, generally totally pointless worries that aren’t going to get me anywhere.

Worrying you might fall off a tall building if you stand too close to the edge seems a fairly sane worry to me, worrying that something bad might happen in a hypothetical scenario in the unpredictable future is actually a massive waste of time. I can see – as a big worrier – where this all comes from, a need to be prepared for all circumstances (like a Scout). Ultimately, though, it’s a need to be in total control of your life that is, in most instances, open to all things – anything could happen and worrying about it before it does is pointless, best thing is to just deal with it as it happens. Live in the moment as they say…it may take me some time to follow this advice.


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