Who you gonna call? Pope busters!

Pope Benedict has been making phone calls and his officialdom is getting annoyed. I haven’t cared much for anything the Pope has been up to before, but this is my cup of Pope tea. Followers (fans?) of the Pope have been – as normal – writing to him telling him their worries, woes and general life issues when all is getting too much and they want some Popely advice. Benedict has – unusually – been calling some of these letter writers back offering advice and comfort! This is the first and may be the only time I ever write the words GO POPE!

This is what the Pope should be doing, this is what such a funny-hat-wearing-absurd-car-travelling guy is for. Benedict has, of course, proved himself a bit more in tune with the world and down to earth than previous funny hat wearers but this takes the Popely prize. Apparently those who advise the Pope on what to do etc. are advising against this – they fear people have started impersonating these calls for their own ends and that un-called letter writers may take offence and be upset at poor Benedict.

Well, this is the first thing I’ve found appealing about anything remotely religious since I enjoyed the Christmas service at my local Church as a child. So I say GO POPE!


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