Know yourself to be creative

Being creative isn’t just about having good ideas or wanting to tell stories, although both of these things are so important. What it’s massively about is knowing yourself, knowing what you think and what stories you want to tell and why. So often these days I am blown away by the sheer honesty displayed in many works, whether that’s to expressing a state of being, telling a certain story or creating a particularly unusual world.

The advice ‘write what you know’ is heard a lot, but I guess it’s true to some extent. I don’t believe you have to solely write about things you yourself have experienced, and I’ve heard other people say ‘write what you want to know, but whatever you create it comes from you. It’s a part of you imprinted on the page, or the screen, or on the stage or wherever and so to do it and really do it well you have to know yourself challengingly well. I suppose this is why so many creative people can hold their own in debates extremely well, they’re full of opinions because they’ve spent so long with themselves figuring them out.

I guess you also then have to accept what you know about what you want to create, which is another hard thing to do especially if what you want to create turns out to be nothing like what you thought. I also suppose this is why creative therapies can often work so well, because they involve exploring the self.


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