When you’re thinking about what to do with your life for the foreseeable future, and how to achieve it, you can find that you’re presented with too many options. These can, often, seem so overwhelmingly complicated that the most desirable option becomes watching another episode of whatever box set you’re currently watching. This, for obvious, reasons isn’t the most productive option unless one of you’re options is going into TV work in which cases it can become classed as research.

There comes a point, though, when even the ‘research’ facade starts to wear thin and you find yourself hunting for jobs in the hope that whichever one of the many options (if any) you find yourself accepted into will then help decipher your future life path for you. It’s not a very active approach to choosing your own future. What follows is lengthy process by which you divide yourself into multiple personalities by writing application after application, each claiming you are a different person with entirely different skills.

Finally, after considering all these options and taking it into your hands to enhance your chances by being open to all of them, you are left with millions of little versions of yourself sat staring at the screen and waiting patiently for the email sound to ping or the phone to ring.

Most of the time neither of these will happen and so you’ve divided yourself up, for no real reason, and are left so many more options for what to watch on TV as every version of you wants to see something different.


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