The cost and the choice of education

Education is great, that goes without saying and even being said is an understatement. It’s important and, therefore, necessary that we stay in education up until a certain age. After that age, however, where education isn’t the only option I feel it takes a while for some to realise that we have a choice. Although the other thing is the question, do you have a choice?

Some people hate school, they know that once they leave they don’t want to go to college and that the world of work is for them. That’s great, and with more value being placed on apprenticeships that’s even better. Other people enjoy learning enough to stay on at college, and others still relish the chance to learn. These people will go from college onto University probably without thinking about it.

I think we need more people at schools and colleges there to help students figure out what they want to do and who they might want to be in life. It’s hard, I know, figuring these things out isn’t easy in your 20s so it certainly won’t be in your teens. Maybe, though, we’d have been able to get a better grasp on it if we were provided with more tools and ways of thinking about it earlier in life. More advice really.

There are too many people, I think, just going to University and doing a subject they quite enjoy just because it’s the only option they know of. Now with fees getting ever more expensive it just can’t be like that. You have a choice whether you want that education or not, whether it’s going to be beneficial to you and whether it’s worth being in all that debt. If this answer is yes and you go on to get a great degree, you come out of University and then what next? With the job market so tough as it is it seems the requirement is for better and better qualifications, higher and higher standards.

Many people will feel that it’s best for them to do yet more study, get a Masters degree and particularly in the arts I often feel that specific training is what is needed to give you the skills and the contacts you need. But is it worth £7000+? What you then get into is a stick catch-22 type situation, the only solution to which I can see is lowering the cost of higher education and sorting out our ridiculous system.


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