Keeping up with…everything

I’ve just made a new to-do list, it’s pretty long. My last list was also long and my head is constantly – it seems – full of tasks that need doing and things that need thinking about. This can be as simple as going to the supermarket or doing laundry, or it can be more challenging like thinking about the possible options for postgraduate study. Just now I’ve had to add comparing gas supplier prices to my list.

It seems there’s always so much in life to keep up with, we have to go to work and keep up with everything there, which tends to still lurk around in our minds in general life too, and then we come home and have minimal time to think about anything else. Now, especially when we have to shop around for absolutely everything, it seems we have minimal time to catch up with ourselves and keep up with self maintenance.

Who knew there was so much to keep on top of in life!


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