There’s a storm coming

We’ve all been hearing about the impending storm hitting England tonight and tomorrow morning. I’ve heard it compared to the great storm of 1987, but that doesn’t help me so much because I wasn’t alive then. I don’t think I’ve ever actually experienced a huge storm. So I am slightly worried about that tree outside my house, but we’ll see how it goes.

Things the past few days have felt different, though. There’s been a strange atmosphere as if the storm has been bringing its special kind of energy with it on the ever-strengthening winds. Out in Brighton yesterday evening I found it odd that we were experiencing increasingly worsening weather and people were still out and about with the same amount of Saturday night revelry they’d normally have. Maybe even more so; a crazy, wild energy working up to a peak in the eye of the storm.

It’s a bit like – and I know this is such a massive overstatement – but it is comparable to the scenes of total weather-induced terror in The Day After Tomorrow (a film that induces total panic in me). Even today going to work in the shop the streets seemed busier than normal for  Sunday, everyone intensely trying to get everything they needed to done before barricading themselves up indoors. Maybe what’s so strange is that life seems to continue as normal, despite the howlings of the weather all around. We, as usual, ignore the warnings given by nature.


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