I’ve written about it before and it continues to baffle me. Why is our society so obsessed with drinking to the extent that we feel horrible, do stupid things and regret everything in the morning? Why do people want to go out shouting and screaming and getting groped by strangers? Why do people feel you have they have to “man up” and carry on going, “power through” just another few hours before they vomit in the corner? Why, do people not have the courage to just say – if they want to – “no I’m going to go home now, I’m tired.”

Call me boring, call me no fun, call me a ridiculous 24 year old. I’ll call you small minded and boring for not knowing any other way to have fun than being drunk. Yes, a glass of wine with a meal can be nice. Yes, so can half a bottle with dinner. Yes, a few pints in the pub with friends can be a lovely way to spend the evening. If that’s what you want to do and you enjoy alcohol, if you don’t that’s also fine. But why all the excess?


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