So, what kind of stuff do you do?

I think *think* I am getting better at answering the question “so what kind of stuff do you do?”. A question that is asked so casually and yet is so difficult to answer. In short most people could probably say “I don’t know what kind of stuff I do, if I did know I’d actually be making money from it by now”. Part of the process of forging a career in the creative industries is figuring out exactly what sort of stuff it is you do, want to do or would really hate to do. Another part of the process of breaking into the industry is finding someone who has more of an idea than you do about what it is you do, and who can help you figure it out.

This question was posed to me a few times during the theatre industry day I went to, and I have definitely got better at answering it than previously. Now I don’t get embarrassed and unable to answer, I also still can’t really answer but am happier to say that I’m still figuring this out myself. I wish that’s all I said, or that I was able to say something witty like “give me your card and I’ll send you an email when I figure that out” but no, I will still say something like “oh it’s pretty modern sort of stuff”. A sentence which doesn’t really mean much does it?


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