Graduate jobs

There has been confusing information regarding graduates and jobs in the news recently. Apparently 47% of recent graduates have had to take non-graduate level jobs, those that don’t require them to have a degree or don’t have a very high level of skill required. Having worked in retail for 2 years after graduating I totally understand this. On the confusing flip-side, however, is the statistic that 60% of London’s work force is made up of graduates. Plus apparently the proportion of working adults in England with a degree has more than doubled in two decades. This page on the BBC News site can provide you with yet more information and statistics, but what I have is a question:

Clearly people are still seeing something of value in getting a degree, and yet in many instances having one isn’t necessarily leading to better employment than if you hadn’t got one so what is the value of a degree?

You’d think I might know the answer to this question having got a degree myself, but actually it’s frequently something I ask myself. My only answers come in the form of raising self-confidence, self-awareness, various ‘transferable skills’ useful in the workplace and a knowledge of how to present yourself and your ideas. All of this, I imagine, could probably come at much less of a high cost than what a degree will now cost you.


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