The spirit of adventure

My boyfriend and I have a boat called the Spirit of Adventure, it’s not a real boat. Actually it’s a stone with a stick stuck on the top – kind of like a cocktail stick – and a little sail with the website for some rooms we stayed in on our trip to Croatia. It’s a metaphoric boat, it represents something far larger than it is.

I have to say, I named it…I’m not sure how much men are into the symbolic things in life but for the sake of equality I will presume they are. Anyway, the Spirit of Adventure is representative of all the adventures we can have, all the places life may take us and a willingness to embark on these adventures.

I’m not sure I used to be terribly adventurous at all, especially not in where food was concerned. I don’t think I touched a carrot for years, and most people would agree a carrot is hardly adventurous where culinary matters are concerned. Well, I now eat carrots and foods from all over the world; I may not eat meat, but I am ready for some adventures.

Perhaps it’s something to do with being in your mid-20s, suddenly you realise there are things you want to do in life and you don’t want to miss out on any opportunities. Of course there will be things you don’t take up, I could be at a party tonight but I’m not. The bigger things though, like moving abroad for a bit, taking a new job, applying for a big scary new job, moving to a different city; taking the leap to do something you really want to do but might be scared to, letting the spirit of adventure carry you around for a bit. Maybe I’m just going on about the feeling that everyone who wanders off on a gap year has, but I don’t think so. I think it is somehow different, it isn’t wanting to escape it’s wanting to experience. It doesn’t have to mean going abroad, it doesn’t even have to mean leaving the city/town where you live, it means allowing yourself to go on whatever adventures you want to go on.


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