New Year fun from Scorcese

There are some great films to look forward to in January and Martin Scorsese’s recent picture The Wolf of Wall Street is one of them. Reading Xan Brooks’ review in The Guardian pretty much confirms the idea of the film I’ve got from watching the trailer. It is, he says, Scorsese “having fun” and describes the film as “polished and punchy”. Much lighter, in a way,  than fans of the director have come to expect – a fact even suggested by the bright yellow colour used in promotional materials for the film.

Safe to say, this is a film I’m looking forward to seeing and I’m particularly eager to see what looks like another top performance from Leonardo DiCaprio. I always find it funny to think how DiCaprio started as a ‘pretty face’ actor and has grown to such renown, largely through his ongoing relationship with Scorsese. I have to say, I love seeing the work of a great actor-director team; people may not like directors casting the same actor in the majority of their films, but surely building such a long-lasting relationship is one of the greatest ways to get the best performances from your star.


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