New year, new diary

I’ve bought my new diary in advance this year, well more advanced than usual anyway, because I keep making plans for next year that need writing down. As I start trying to kick things into gear with my creative work again, and have something resembling a social life, it already seems like January is getting pretty busy. Hardly time for a pause for breath where it’s needed, but more of that in another post; this post is all about my new diary.

I always love getting new stationary, and particularly enjoy the new diary with its blank pages waiting to be filled with appointments and deadlines. Signalling a fresh start and, hopefully, a great year to come. I enjoy flicking through and absorbing all the special features of the new diary, its layout and different sections. This diary may just be the best to date, with my large orange FiloFax coming in at close second only missing the top spot due to being too bulky to fit in my bag.

This new Mark’s Colors diary (not like M&S, I think this is Japanese company) is a great bag diary. I wanted something larger than 2013’s A6 sized diary, this is A5 with a light/flexible cover that is uniquely covered in a zip lock plastic coating to make it waterproof. Ingenious – non? It has little tabs to easily be able to flick between months and each month has a calendar layout at the front followed by one week to two pages. At the back you have your usual units of measurement, temperatures, time zones etc and some graph paper for notes (because squares are more fun than lines) and then the ultimate ending subway maps for major cities around the world  – Tokyo, Beijing and Berlin included!

Plus this diary comes in a selection of different colours, I chose orange but you could have green, blue, pink or purple.

I don’t work for this company by the way, I just really like stationary. To prove I don’t work for them I won’t tell you where I got my diary, or provide you with any link to it – you’ll just have to imagine it for yourselves.


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