The will to work

Christmas and the time between Christmas day and New Year’s Day have always seemed the time to not do very much. Every Christmas day and following period seems to consist of sitting on the sofa, eating through the mountain of chocolate that has somehow materialised and watching films. I think the vast majority of the first stage of my filmic education took place over the Christmas period.

Now, having returned back to my flat and away from the comforts of a Christmas tree and log fire I am faced with the prospect of doing work. Not going to work, I still have a few days before that has to happen, just utilising all this spare time to get on with all my new creative projects.

I certainly have the desire to make 2014 the year I really work hard at achieving what I want, and yet can I find the will to get started? N0, no I can’t. I want to sit around reading my new plays and watching films. It is all too easy for me to pass both those off as research, even though I know part of me will feel guilty throughout the process. What will probably happen is that I end up doing some kind of hash job amalgamation of a working day and relaxing day – but by the end of one of those I often feel my time would have been better spent had I just settled on one or the other.

The other gloriously sound argument around this time of year is that new projects should be started in the New Year when new intentions abound. I should probably just get on with it, but I may well end up watching Breaking Bad whilst simultaneously feeling bad that I haven’t written something so good and nothing that good was ever written without the will to work. C’est la vie; bring on 2014.


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