A wedding

Isn’t it funny how there used to be one dominant opinion on weddings, the act of getting married and when it should be done and now there are loads. I suppose you could say that this dominant opinion still pretty much dominates, but definitely the way we address weddings has swayed (hello huge amounts of money anyone?) and many people have their own opinion on the act of getting married that totally kicks the dominant marriage-settling down-kids linear narrative out of the window. Or something…

Anyway today I have the first of my school group friend’s marriages – gosh aren’t I growing up. Or am I? Because legally any of this group could have been married not too long after we were out of school and in college, and being married doesn’t necessarily translate to being a ‘proper adult’ whatever the hell that means. 

There have been two blogs that have caught my attention recently on the theme of getting married young.. My personal opinion is that the first blog on things you can do instead of getting married at 23 is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read. NEWS FLASH – your life isn’t over when you get married, unless you think life is all about having casual sex and making out with strangers and being in a relationship that can easily end at any minute. This, by the way, does NOT mean I am saying you have to get married to be in a long-term, meaningful and committed relationship. The second blog, essentially having a go at the first blog, is at times equally annoying as the first but overall I feel the message is more sane. 

Basically I think marriage takes a lot of shit these days and we should all just calm down. It’s a happy day right? Unless of course either party has been forced into the thing, in which case that’s a whole different conversation to have. The marriage of two people who want to get married, who feel they are ready to get married and don’t have any stupid ideas about marriage stopping you doing certain things (apart from the casual sex/making out with strangers thing, it DEFINITELY stops you doing that, okay?!) is a good, happy and perfectly fine thing in my opinion. 


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