By Fanny I think he’s got it!

I was about to start writing a post about how we British like to moan, I was going to say “God we like to moan!” I wrote the word God then erased it – I often have issues with this as an exclamation used in everyday speech and tend to stop myself writing it because as I don’t believe in God I don’t think I should be using said exclamation. So I erased it and I thought maybe I’d start with a more American sounding “Man, we like to moan over here!” instead. Then I thought I didn’t like that either because it was so male-centric.

I pondered what other cliched exclamations I could use “By George!” “By Jove!” – not only archaic but also male-centric. Then I realised that actually we have very few widely used exclamatory remarks that refer to any woman…apart from “Jesus, Mary and Joseph” but given that Mary is sandwiched between two guys that doesn’t really count.

So, I am going to create a new exclamation and I hope to make it a widespread phenomenon. I’m going to go with Fanny: eg. “By Fanny I think it worked” or “Oh my Fanny I can’t believe it.” I think this achieves the effect of being very female centric in all regards.


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