Positivity and inspirations

It’s my penultimate blog in this blog-a-day year! I’ve decided to end on a high note with the last two blogs I do as part of this challenge being about various positive things. There’s too much moaning and downbeatedness in our daily lives, how do we think we’re ever going to be happier with all this crappy energy and rubbish attitudes flying around.

So in this penultimate blog I ask you to think about inspiration. What inspires you to do the thing you love doing? What inspires you to have a productive day? It is so important, particularly for those working creatively, to remember these inspirations.

It also serves to remember their is a difference between being jealous of something and being inspired by it. It’s a really fine line, because generally if you’re inspired by another writer (say) then you want to have created something similar to what they have, or you long for their career for example.

My inspiration at the moment is (not so shockingly) Vince Gilligan’s astounding TV show Breaking Bad. I know I’ve gone on about it enough, but I’ve just recently watched the ‘making of’ documentary and the excitement and desire to be in that writer’s room/on that set every time I see it is insane. I am now even more driven to learn from this show, to strive to create work as brilliant as that and to get to that place. That is inspiration.


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